Sunday, 19 June 2011

Picture Backlog

Ok - So I am just learning how to post pictures so I figured I would show you a few of the backlog I have been building up until I sort out the technology issue. Enjoy!

This is me very proud of my wind generator fix

Neil being a stud checking on the tides - etc on the ipad in its waterproof bag

The living room on our first day underway. Everything that would be 'loose' in the boat has to be stored near the floor and hopefuly securely. I have since figured a better storage place so the living room can be more functional while we are under sail

Our Cockpit-Safe BBQ. Ok this is while we were still in London but how great is this?!

Before we set off we had a lovely visit with Aunt Colleen and Uncle Doug. We think they were a little shocked by the small space, but we hope they enjoyed themselves nonetheless. And before you ask - Yes they stayed with us on the boat.

Ok - now that I know how it works - more pictures to follow.

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